Truly Nolen's Moisture Control Solutions in Charleston SC

Moisture issues are a serious problem in the Lowcountry due to our environment’s high humidity and high water table. These conditions when combined with crawl space construction can lead to excess moisture. Damage from water cost $2.5 billion annually in the United States and the average repair cost for a home is $7,000. In addition, mold growth can cause health issues.

High levels of moisture can cause a number of issues including:

  • Insect damage
  • Wood rot
  • Swelling of doors and windows
  • Cupping of floors
  • Air quality issues
Mosture Remediation Charleston SC

Where does crawl space moisture originate?

In the Lowcountry there are several ways that moisture enters a crawl space:

  • Humid outside air
  • Ground moisture
  • Leaks from main floor plumbing and appliances
  • Poor drainage

The Truly Nolen Treatment Approach:


Your Truly Nolen’s specialist will inspect the interior, exterior and crawlspace of your home. After a thorough inspection, we will provide you a customized and individualized assessment and treatment plan.


We have several methods to reduce moisture issues that we can utilize depending on the scope of the issue and construction of the home.

Moisture remediation programs include one of more of these steps:

  • Vapor Barrier- Heavy plastic sheeting to cover the soil of the crawl space.
  • Sealing vents and other entry points
  • Install dehumidifier and remote sensing unit to monitor the moisture levels
  • Install pump to direct water from dehumidifier to outside of the structure
  • Install sealed crawl space access door
  • Treat fungus
  • Install Sump pump
  • Remove Insulation

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