1. Follow the “golden rule.”

Treat people the way they want to be treated.

2. Provide unsurpassed quality customer service.

At Truly Nolen, it’s everyone’s responsibility to exceed the customer’s expectations.

3. Promote a positive team environment in which to work & grow.

It’s our mission to serve each other . . . to coach each other so that we evolve both professionally and personally. We embrace team building and encourage a positive & interactive team environment.

4. Have a passion for being successful.

Our team has a real passion for customers and our mission, so they naturally display a sense of urgency and follow-through to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. When we win their satisfaction, then we are successful.

5. Embrace and drive change for the better.

Be innovative and make suggestions to improve our systems, protocols, and our mission in order to provide unsurpassed quality customer service.

6. Act with integrity.

We empower team members to do the right thing for the right reason. Each should take personal responsibility for his/her actions.

7. Be proud.

Our common goal is to build this company and our livelihood so that it thrives and provides each of us with tremendous opportunities. You should be proud of yourself, our image and our brand.

8. Be humble.

Be modest. Readily recognize the efforts of others. Listen, as we can always learn from one another.We place service to others above ourselves.

9. Engage in ongoing open & respectful two-way communication.

You are encouraged to speak your heart, but do so with positive intent and respect. All employees should be open to feedback that encourages personal and professional evolution.

10. Hire and/or promote those who fit the company’s culture.

11. Think long-term.

Make the right decisions for now and into the future.

12. Have fun!

We encourage team members to get to know one another and enjoy the time spent together at work.